History in the Making

The Perfect BBQ Couple

Jack Keaton’s BBQ & Bar

Kristi & Brett Huber – The Perfect BBQ Couple

Kristi & Brett Huber Jack Keaton's BBQ & BarSometimes, the stars align and everything fits. For Brett & Kristi Huber, every job they’ve ever worked has lead up to the creation of Jack Keaton’s BBQ & Grill.

Brett Huber has been a red seal chef for 12 years where he gained incomparable experience all over the world. Including Vancouver, Pender Island, and London, England. The adamant professional, Brett describes his cooking style as, “refined and unpretentious“.

Kristi Huber has one focus: customers. With her marketing, management, and food service experience, she works to create a customer experience where things are done right the first time and customers can expect nothing less than excellent service.

Brett & Kristi’s combined knowledge aids them in researching the best flavours, designing staff mentorship programs, and ensuring the success of Jack Keaton’s BBQ & Bar. Being married helps a bit, too.

Put it all together and the unexpected surprise of service and food that is unlike anywhere else is no surprise at all.

Jack Keaton's BBQ & Bar Regina
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How it all Started

Regina's Best BBQ

The Style

Brett Huber struggled with the inflexibility of other restaurants when he worked as a chef, so he left the industry for two years to build a family. It didn’t take long for the lure of the kitchen to tempt him back though, and the solution was his own restaurant. Brett loves the big, bold flavour of BBQ and appreciates the process of making something delicious.

The Food

95% of items on the menu at Jack Keaton’s BBQ & Bar are made entirely from scratch. We use dry-rubbing to massage seasoning into our meat – our beef brisket is dry-rubbed for 24 hours then smoked for 12 hours! Rather than the flavour of traditional barbecue, our meat is smoked with apple-wood to create a sweeter taste. Because we make everything in-house we can tell you exactly what ingredients go into your meal. Our menu choices offer high-protein, gluten-free, and dairy-free options. We have a menu for you!

The Name

Brett & Kristi Huber wanted to showcase the big taste of barbecue on the wide open prairies, but couldn’t think of a name that “stuck”. One day, Brett thought of their children’s names and suggested, “What if we called it Jack Keaton’s…”.

A new problem has presented itself because Kristi and Brett have been blessed with a little girl named Charlotte. “What ever will we do? We can’t leave out our sweet Charlotte?”, said Kristi. “That’s it!”, exclaimed Brett, “Sweet Charlotte’s BBQ Sauce and Cookies.” No one can resist Sweet Charlotte’s Sauce or Cookies.

It’s All About Family and Food

Your family is treated like our family at Jack Keaton’s BBQ & Grill. For customers, our hard-working staff get to know you and your tastes so that they can provide you with the best meal order. After some education on our “quick food” ordering process, your order is usually ready before your find a seat. For employees, there’s a huge opportunity for you to make an impact and shape the growth of the company in a fun, relaxed environment.

Bargains and Quality Rarely Meet …

Brett & Kristi Huber and the whole family at Jack Keaton’s BBQ & Bar welcome your family to dine with us. Fast food will sell you a burger and fries, but for a couple dollars and minutes extra you could have a rack of ribs meal!

Jack Keaton's BBQ Hours

Our Hours

Hours of Operation
Monday – Thursday: 11AM – 11PM
Friday & Saturday: 11AM – 12AM
Sunday: 4PM – 10PM

Our Address
2410 Dewdney Avenue
Regina, SK S4R 1H6

Phone: (306) 522-7227

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